Hello Friends , what is up , I hope you are doing good . So friends in this article I am going to show you how you can add SSL to wordpress free .First of all take a look at some general questions . So

What is SSL ?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer . It is a technology which helps in keeping the internet connection between tow systems secure and preventing malicious user (hacker) from reading or manipulating and sensitive information transferred between two systems including user’s personal credentials .

How to check if a website has SSL enabled or not ?

Now that’s very easy part , to check whether a site has it’s SSL enabled or not you have to just check whether the website is using http:// or https:// . If a website is running on https:// it means SSL is enabled on that site else if a website is using http:// it means the connection is not secure ❌ and the data transfer between you and the website can be manipulated . Like in Facebook’s official website you can see it uses https:// which shows that SSL is enabled .

add SSL to wordpress free

Steps for enabling SSL on your WordPress site

Now let’s move towards the goal and here are some steps of enabling SSL on your wordpress site.

Step 1 : Create account and login at Cloudflare

To enable SSL on your wordpress site you have to first create account on cloudflare and make login to your account.

add SSL to wordpress free

Step 2 : Add your site and change nameserver

Now after log in your account on cloudflare click on add site button and type your site name there and after that choose free plan of cloudflare and click on confirm plan button after continuing you can see cloudflare is saying to change your domain’s nameserver to cloudflare’s nameserver .

add SSL to wordpress free

Now just go to your domain name provider and change the nameserver with cloudflare’s nameserver .After changing the nameserver wait for 1 to 2 hours because nameserver changing take effect within 1 to 2 hours of changing.

Step 3 : Install wordpress plugin “cloudflare flexible SSL”

When the changed nameserver is applied successfully then you have to install a wordpress plugin named as cloudflare flexible SSL in your wordpress site .

add SSL to wordpress free
wordpress plugin

After installing make this wordpress plugin active .

Step 4 : Enable SSL in cloudflare

Now it’s time to do the final step . Login to your cloudflare account and click on your active site . Now in the right hand side you can see there’s an option of SSL/TLS click on that and choose flexible .

add SSL to wordpress free
flexible SSL

Now after that click on Edge Certificates and do enable Always use https , Opportunistic Encryption , TLS 1.3 , Automatic HTTPS Rewrites , Certificate Transparency Monitoring and now you are all set to use https:// (secured connection) in your wordpress site. Just refresh your site and ✨BOOM✨ you can see SSL is enabled on your site .

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