How to Install Parrot OS

Hello everyone, in this article I am going to tell you the easiest methods to install Parrot OS into your system. If you want to install it in the VirtualBox or you want to run it as your main OS.

In this article, I will give the easiest and best possible way to install Parrot OS.

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Ok! Without any delay let’s start the article.

What is Parrot Os?

If you are a beginner, I am sure. You may have seen some bug bounty hunters and security people saying that Parrot OS, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, etc. These are operating systems that are based on Linux. And these software are open source.

Parrot OS is a general-purpose operating system with the typical Parrot look and feel. It is designed for daily use, privacy, and software development. Parrot Tools can be manually installed to assemble a custom and lightweight pen-testing environment.

I hope you get a basic idea of what is Parrot OS now.

I suggest you install Parrot OS in a virtual environment rather than making it as main OS. If you are new to using this.

I hope you have VirtualBox and VMWare in your system.

Steps to download Parrot OS:

  1. First of all, go to Parrot Security
downloads page of Parrot os

2. Click on the download button and you will be able to see the iso file. Select that and download it.

3. Wait till the download is completed.

Here, is the main part. If you want to install Parrot OS in your VirtualBox or VMWare.

Follow these steps ( for demonstration I am using VirtualBox ):

  1. Open VirtualBox. Click on new, and a new popup will appear fill it with relevant details. I have attached a screenshot below.

2. Click Next, and allocate the hardware for the OS according to you. I have 16GB of ram with me, so I am giving it nearly 3GB of RAM to it.

3. Now, It asks you to create a virtual Hard disk for your machine. I am going with 80GB.

4. After, completing everything. You will be at the last step of this process, now click finish.

5. After completing the process, you will see this window, mentioned below.

6. Now, start the machine and start the installation process.

7. After starting the machine, it will ask you to choose different options. Choose the Try/Install option to install the Parrot OS.

8. See the output after selecting the option, mentioned below.

9. Click on Install Parrot, and it will take some time to install. And Hence the parrot OS is installed in VirtualBox.

The Installation process is also the same for VMWare also, and if you want to go through a YouTube tutorial. I will mention a tutorial link.

Installation of Parrot OS in VirtualBox.

Installation of Parrot OS in VMWare

I hope everyone understood how to install Parrot OS in VirtualBox and VMWare.

If you are thinking to install Parrot OS as the main OS then, leave a comment below. If you need that, then I will try my best to bring that article to you.

Thank You,

Asif Pathan.

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