The most asked question:- Can someone hack into my phone? Yes , Let me show you how!


Everyone in today’s world now owns a cell phone. With the drastic use of internet, the security risk of personal data in our computers as well as phones have increase tremendously.Different actors,celebrity, politicians are often targeted by the attackers on daily basis.If you are thinking that there is no one who wants to hack your phone then you are wrong. Even if your phone does not contain any sensitive information still attackers may try to hack into your device in order to get total control of your phone. After this, the attacker can use your phone to perform more illegal jobs and you will be the one getting behind the bars!

In order to be safe, we will learn different methods which hackers often use to target your phone and how to prevent this. Let’s get started.


Before going deep into this article, do you know that even companies like Facebook, Google etc have total control over your device? Well, when you install an application on your phone(iPhone or Android) you allow some permission to the application(Like accessing storage,camera,location, etc). Because of these permissions, the application have total control over your device. They can access your location, storage, contacts etc anytime they want! But don’t worry, they only use these permission to improve the application performance on your device(I hope so).

can someone hack into my phone
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Now, I think you know the answer of “Can someone hack into my phone?”. Let’s discuss some of the ways an attacker use to hack your device.


One of the most famous way to hack someone’s mobile device is to install a malicious application. As we have seen above that applications require certain permission to run without errors but what if you accidentally installed any malicious application? Well, it is quite possible because we as a user didn’t really care about which app has which features. For example, suppose there is a browser which requires access to contact details. Isn’t this weird? Why a browser wants to access contact details? Simply because the application is likely stealing your contact details.

An example of UC Browser asking for camera permission

Let’s take another example. Most people(including me) have installed some premium application for free from third party source. Well, the reason why the application was free because they are stealing your data behind the scene. Some of these application are GBWhatsApp, Any Premium Software for free, BlackMart etc. Now comes the obvious question:


First of all, we need to be more cautious as a user. Whenever installing any application, always check for the permission they are asking for. If any application seems to ask too much permission then DON’T INSTALL IT!! Apart from this, NEVER INSTALL ANY APPLICATION FROM THIRD PARTY SOURCES! This is simply because these sites often bind malwares inside the application. Now let’s discuss another method that someone can use to hack your phone.

Security Vulnerability

Can Someone Hack Into My Phone 3

Now you may be thinking, “what does this mean?” Let me explain you in simple term. Vulnerability simply means “weakness”. If we define it broadly, then “A vulnerability is a flaw or weakness that is used to gain unauthorized access to a network/system/application etc”. Still don’t get it? Well, let me help you.

Let’s suppose that you own a very expensive house. But you are not taking care of the house properly. Then after sometimes, your main door of the house becomes weak because you are not taking care of it properly. As a result, One day a robber just smash your door with ease and get into your house.

Now just replace the house with your mobile and taking care with security updates. That’s it! The rest of the story remains same. Basically, if you don’t update your mobile regularly then it may be possible that an attacker can get into your phone without any problem.


Now to answer to the question “Can someone hack into my phone?” is pretty obvious. From user’s end, always check application permissions and never download anything form third party source. I hope you understand the different ways to hack into phone. Do let me know if you have any issues or doubts.

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