Hello friends , hope you all are doing good . I am back with a new article on how to make firebase crud with javascript . So before moving towards the topic let’s discuss some of the basic questions like What is firebase ? What is firestore ? What are the differences between firebase and firestore ?

So basically firebase is a backend platform developed by the google for building mobile and web applications . It also includes some great features like authentication , hosting , database , file storage and much more .

Firebase has basically two kind of databases first one is firebase database and another one is firestore database .Both of them act as a database but with slight difference . Firestore is non-SQL database which helps user to be synchronized with the help of real time listeners and it also have feature of offline accessabililty.

The major difference between firebase and firestore database is of querying . Both databases have deep queries but firebase cannot use sorting and filtering at the same time and on the other hand firestore database can manage compound sorting and filtering with indexed queries .

Now let’s begin with how you can setup firebase on your website . To setup firebase you need to follow the following steps :

Step 1 : Make an account on firebase

So first of all you need to go to firebase official website and click on go to console and then you need to login to your google account there .

firebase crud with javascript
firebase console

Now you will redirected to a new page where you will see an option name create a project .

firebase crud with javascript
firebase project

Step 2 : Create a firebase project

Now you need to click on create a project button and a new page will open in which you have to enter the project name

firebase crud with javascript
firebase project name

Here you need to enter the name of your firebase project and then click on continue button.After clicking on continue button you will get a new page showing all your firebase project details if you want to enable the google analytics in your firebase project then check the enable google analytics checkbox otherwise just disable it and then click on create project button and wait for some time your project will get ready.

firebase crud with javascript
create firebase project

Once your project finish setting up click on continue button and you will redirected to console of your firebase project where you can see the details of your firebase project in project overview section.

Now your project has created successfully . In the next article I will show you how to integrate firebase on your website ,so just stay tuned with us see you in next article .

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