Note: This article is only for educational purpose.

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing good. In this article, i am going to show you how I was able to hack 20+ router in my ISP’s network to get free internet access. So let’s get started

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So i was surfing internet at my home when suddenly my WIFI internet got expired. Then i thought why not try to get into the ISP’s network to get some free internet????

So, i fired my Kali Linux machine and start hacking. The first thing that i did was to check my router’s login page to see what was the IP address assigned by the ISP on my router. After finding the IP address, I started masscan with the following command:

masscan 172.x.x.128 -p80,443,21

Basically, i was looking for some http/https and ftp services. After scanning completed, i found couple of ip that have those ports open. I found many cctv cameras and to my surprise I also found around 20 routers running http/https services. Then i immediately tried to login into those routers with default credentials and BOOM!!!! I got logged in and there i found PPPoE credentials.

Finally, I configured my router with those PPPoE credentials and then i was successfully allowed to access the internet without paying anything to my ISP.????????

But if two router will use the same PPPoE credential then only one router will be allowed to access the internet. Which means that i could be caught very easily by the ISP. But since i am a good hacker????, I reported this issue to ISP right away and they restricted the ports on those routers. But the real problem was the default credentials. Many people use default credentials which can be very dangerous as anyone can google these credentials and get access to your router or sometimes in your computer!!!

Therefore, I request you all to please always change your default credentials of your routers in order to be safe by those bad guys out there.

So that’s it for this article. Hope you all learnt something new. If you are thinking of improving your hacking skills then please check out the course provided above.