An Ethical hackers and Hackers exploit the bugs using the Google developers tools.

The most of the Ethical hackers are uses the Google Developers tools. To read the source code of the website to find the bugs by analyzing the code that written by the Developers.

So, we are explaining about the Google Developers which are usefull to the Ethical Hackers and Web Developers

How to Enable the Google Dev Tools

Here We are going deep dive into the Elements hacking using Google Developer Tools. Here am refering the this is the vulnerable buggy website for Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

First we need to enable the Google Dev tools

  1. We need to choose the website.
  2. Give the right-click and you will see the Inspect.
  3. And another way to Inspect For Windows ctrl+shift+i for Mac Os command+shift+i
The Process of the Inspecting the Google Dev tools.
The Page Inspected

Now we are going to see the below topics that we are discussing in this post.

Contents of the article:

  • Hacking with Elements using the Google Dev tools
  • Hacking with Console using the Google Dev Tools
  • Hacking with Sources using the Google Dev Tools
  • Hacking with Network using the Google Dev Tools
  • Hacking with Application using the Google Dev Tools
  • Hacking with Security using the Google Dev Tools

Hacking with Elements using the Google dev tools

Here we can on-the-fly we can edit the source code of the target website

For Example we can edit the title of the website and we can edit the styles of the website which means we can edit the css and javascripts too.

Editing the title tag.
Edited title tag of the website you can see.

The above screenshots shows the difference of title of the website.

Now we are going to edit the Css that means am changing the background if the website.

Background changed using the Google Dev tools

I hope you got Simple and clear explanation about the Hacking with Elements using the Google Developer Tools.

Hacking with console using the Google Dev tools

Here we can learn javascript using the console. And can used for the Ethical Hacker and to find the vulnerability

The empty console
The code we have written the code
The script language output showing top of the website

In manupulation that the Ethical Hackers will get bugs and they will report them to the company to avoid the Cyber Attacks.

Hacking with Sources using the Google Dev tools

This Source word only describing about the source. The sources used to find the number of files and folders cointained in that website here we can see in Sources section.

Here we can see the Sources block

In that matter we can check all the files that contained in the website. The Ethicak hackers and web Developers can Read and Write The Data.

Hacking with Networks using Google Dev tools

The Network block can teach us the which file responding and which is not working that we can observe over there.

And that shows in the form code that called of HTTP Reponse codes click here to get the Deapth information about the HTTP response codes.

Network analyzing using Google Dev tools.

And we can see the how much time it taking that website taking to reach the browser and we can observe the speed of the website.

Network Analyzing with Diffrent Filters

Hacking with Application using the Google Dev Tools

Here Going to see the Awesome topic here that gives lots of stuff about the Appliation.

Am getting the Application, Storage, Cache, Background Services and Frames. In the each of the section we are getting the lots of information that cookies and some hidden Sources.

Here am using the to show you all the

Application Section in Google dev tools

The Attacker can do cookie poisioning and cookie manupulation to get the unauthorized access to the website that very harmfull to that website and that website may loss the confidential data loss.That is the uses of cookies and we can see the some of the sources over here and that will be usefull to you.

Hacking with Security using Google Dev tools

In this section we can see the certificates of the websites and what type certifcates it maintaining that we can observe over here. That is the main Feature of this section.

Security using Google Dev tools

And this will gives you internal certificates that contained in that websites.

Thankyou Guys I Hope you Understand how Google Developer Tools used for the Hacking. That tools may be used by Hackers, Ethical Hackers and Developers.

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