Hello Friends , hope you are doing good . In today’s article I am going to show you how to fix the google analytics “missing permission” issue .So What’s the issue ? The issue is when you tried to delete a admin account of google analytics and then you want to login then google analytics shows up the error which looks like something like the following image.

google analytics "missing permission"

And you can’t login to your analytics account at the moment .Now Why this issue occurs ? Well the google analytics panel has an sub-panel of property access management in which you can manage users who can access to your google analytics panel . So when you setup your google analytics for the first time then you are the admin and only person who can access to your google analytics panel and when you try to delete admin account then this issue occurs .

Well This happened to me too and I was puzzled when I was setting up my google analytics account for the first time. but somehow I got the solution .

How to fix this issue ?

Now it’s very easy to fix this issue . You have to follow only two ✌ steps

Step 1 : Clear cookies of google analytics site

If you are browsing in Firefox then just click on the small lock icon in the address bar and you will see an option clear cookies and site data just click on that and all your cookies and data related to the google analytics site will vanish.

Step 2 : Login to your google analytics account again

Now after clearing cookies and site data of google analytics account you will prompted to login again , type in your credentials and login again then you will see the issue has vanished . Now after login first thing to do is restore all the users from trash can so that you may not get this issue in future ⏲ .

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