Hello guys ,What is up In this article I am gonna to show you how you can remotely control android device with your computer .So as you know guys , nowadays there are a lot of different kind of developers like Android , iOS , web and many more , these developers sometimes needs to mirror their android phone in their computer for some development or debugging process ⚙ . So to make their task easy and to help them in mirroring their android phone I thought I must write a article on it . So let’s get started

So In order to mirror your android phone in your local computer you need to complete the following steps :

Step 1 : Download and setup Scrcpy & Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

First of all you need to download scrcpy zip file from here and then extract it in a folder just like below image.

remotely control android device
extracted scrcpy in a folder

Step 2 : Set Environment Variable path of scrcpy

Now you need to set the environment variable path of scrcpy extracted folder so just copy the path of scrcpy folder.

remotely control android device
path of scrcpy selected

Now search for the environment variable and click on edit the system environment variables just like the below image.

remotely control android device
environment variable

Now a popup of system properties will appear you need to just click on environment variable button .

remotely control android device

Now click on path of system variables and then click on edit button then a new popup window of different paths will appear .

remotely control android device
edit path of environment variable

Now you need to just click on new button and then paste the path of scrcpy folder you copied before and then click on OK button.

remotely control android device

Step 3 : Enable USB Debugging option in your android phone

Now in your android phone go to settings . Now search for build number and tap on it 7 times , this will enable the developer option in your android phone . Now go to developer option and enable it .

remotely control android device
developer option

Now scroll down and enable the USB debugging option .

remotely control android device
USB debugging

Step 4 : Connect and allow for USB debugging confirmation from your android

Now you need to connect your android phone with your computer/laptop with the help of USB cable and allow for usb debugging confirmation from your android phone .

remotely control android device
allow USB Debugging

Step 5 : Open a port in android phone for wireless connectivity

Now run the following command as shown in below image

adb devices
adb tcpip 3333
adb connect ip_address_of_android:3333
remotely control android device
connect to android wirelessly

Note : Enter ip of your’s android phone in the adb connect command and the port will remain same i.e., 3333 .

Note : Before running scrcpy command disconnect your android phone from your computer/laptop

After running scrcpy you will see the mirror of your android phone in your computer/laptop.

remotely control android device

Now you are all done

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Now you have set up it successfully ,Thank you for reading this article 🙂 Peace out