Hey everyone , In this article I will show you how you can install XAMPP server in your ubuntu 22.04 . XAMPP stands for X-operating-system , Apache , MySQL , PHP and PERL .

Basically XAMPP is a software which allows us to manage a webserver in our local machine . XAMPP provides Apache as a web server , PHP and PERL as a backend language , MySQL as a database , Filezilla for ftp control , mercury mail for sending mails and much more .

You can easily download XAMPP in windows , but in this article we will talk about how to install XAMPP in ubuntu 22.04 .

Let’s get started

So to install XAMPP in ubuntu 22.04 , you need to visit the below mentioned link and download XAMPP according to your PHP version .


scroll down and you will XAMPP for linux section , there will be a download button . Download XAMPP according to you PHP version requirement by clicking on download button .

Now go to Downloads directory and make the downloaded file executable by typing the below command

sudo chmod 755 xampp-linux-*-installer.run

Then run the below command to execute the file

sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-

Then after you will get a GUI of installation , like the below image . Here you need to click on next button .

Install XAMPP through this GUI and after successful installation click on finish button .

Now you are ready to go with XAMPP . It is installed in /opt/lampp directory .

Use following commands to start and stop XAMPP server .

sudo /opt/lampp/xampp start //to start the server

sudo /opt/lampp/xampp stop //to stop the server

Uninstalling XAMPP Server

Now to uninstall XAMPP server use the below command

cd /opt/lampp
sudo ./uninstall

Then you will be prompted for yes or no , type yes , and then finally remove all the specified directory with the following command

sudo rm –r /opt/lampp

So that’s all for this aritcle guys . You can

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