When you decided to choose your career in web development , then there are lots of questions start attacking on your brain “Which technologies to learn ? ” , “where to start ?” , “what things to learn first ? and from where ?” . I do also have all these questions in my mind when I started my career in web development .

Let me answer all your question one by one .

See we live in a society where we want our things in a fast manner , for example if you are going to school then you don’t want to go by walking all the way , you think “how nice it would be if I had a bike to go to school ” right ?

And there’s no doubt , it would be nice if you had a bike .

And that’s the similar case in world of coding also , people started to work on front-end or back-end according to their interest or sometimes they choose to be a full stack web developer and started both simultaneously , however doing two things at a time seems to be difficult .

Then what happens is people start to learn a little bit of both , to decide which one will be easier for them .

If they find concepts of back-end easier to grab then they will stick with back-end . On the other hand if they find front-end concepts easier then they will stick to front-end .

Now the question arises “What technologies to learn ?“…

In front-end if you already learned HTML, CSS and javascript then you can move to React or Angular . React was introduced by Facebook in year 2011 , nowadays React is widely used in every web application because of it’s easier debugging process and code reusability . You can learn firebase (database introduced by google) , it provides you updates on real-time .

In back-end you have PHP , Django , Flask , Node and many other popular back-end frameworks . You no need to learn all of these , only one framework is enough to do all back-end task . To store data you need to learn one of the database technologies like mongoDB , MySQL , Cassandra etc . There are some popular technologies to learn full stack development like MERN (MongoDB , Express js, React , Node) stack MEAN(MongoDB , Express js , Angular , Node) Stack .

Whatever you choose to go with Front-end or Back-end remember that both of these are dependent on each other , and if you have skills of both these side then you can have a proper understanding of what’s going behind a software and you can relate things with real world softwares .

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