Should I learn Bootstrap in 2022? It’s a question in many beginner developers mind.

First of all, what is Bootstrap? Essentially Bootstrap is a CSS framework that let you create responsive layouts. With bootstrap you can create many attractive designs as it have a lot of layouts for buttons, navigation bars, cards etc.

Now get back to our question. This question mainly arises due to latest emerging frameworks which creates a confusion amoung the new developers, To clear this confusion let us see some popular websites build on bootstrap:-

  • Spotify
  • Udemy
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Bootstrap is still widely used by top companies. The feature which makes is more popular is it’s responsiveness means it looks good in all sizes devices like mobile, tablets, laptops etc. According to a data over 40,000 companies across the world uses bootstrap. Some of the other feature which makes bootstrap popular are:-

  • Open Source
  • Quality documentation
  • Responsive
  • Regularly updates
  • Responsive
  • Support system/community
  • Customizable

Now I think You got an idea about “Should you learn bootstrap in 2022”. With my opinion you should go for it , It will not take much of your time. Learning should not stop.