Hello developers , In this article we will be discussing about the best framework of PHP for 2022 . As a part of that we will look what a PHP framework is and in what way PHP framework is going to help and make your life easier . We will look at the best framework of PHP for web development .

What is a PHP Framework ?

So , before moving towards the best framework of PHP to use and main benefits of PHP framework , let’s see what a PHP framework is .

As you all know that most of the websites use PHP as a server-side language . And existence of PHP frameworks have been around for a long time . PHP frameworks empowers small to big web applications and manage their working very easily .

The first PHP framework is phplib . This framework has a lot of changes throughout the years but the main purpose of this framework is always the same i.e., to help the developers with some pre-built functions and libraries to use while development of a web application .

You can think of PHP framework as a skeleton of pre-built functions and ilbraries providing a running system where you can just embed your code without going much deeper . They provide basic functionalities like Routing , secure authentication , dependency injection , middlewares etc.

Why use a PHP framework

PHP framework offers a lot of benefits to improve you development skill . These improvement covers everything from security to productivity of your project . Each and every framework has different focuses . Some focuses on development workflow and others may focus on scalability .

One common benefit that all these framework offer is great security , which is very important in software development industry . Maintaining security from the beginning of development process akin to devsecops approach which leads to improved performance .

Best framework of PHP to use in 2022


You may all heard about Laravel as it’s the most used and recommended PHP framework . It’s created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 as an advanced version of CodeIgniter framework , which didn’t provide authentication and authorization at that time .

Laravel follows the MVC pattern and is a very heavy and rich framework in terms of features . It’s most common functionalities are as follows :

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • hashing
  • encryption
  • Email verification

Laravel uses Blade template engine and for the interaction with database it uses Eloquent ORM . It also uses Artisan command line tool to help developers speed up the development process .


Rquirement : PHP >= 8

Installation : composer create-project laravel/laravel your-app-name

Website : Laravel.com


Symfony is a very versatile and scalable PHP framework , as you can use the whole framework or work with just a couple of components which suits your use cases . Basically Symfony can be viewed from two different perspective , as a PHP framework and collection of PHP components . Most PHP framework uses Symfony components in background , so it can be as simple or as comlicated as it needs to be .

Symfony uses Doctrine OLM for database interaction and Twig as a template engine . It also has it’s CLI tool to speed up the development process .


Requirement : PHP >= 8.0

Installation : composer create-project symfony/skeleton:"6.1.*" my_project_directory

Website : symfony.com

Cake PHP

Cake PHP mainly focuses on rapid web application developement . The idea behind Cake PHP framework is to make web application development process simpler and faster . There are no XML or YAML files in Cake PHP framework to take decisions up front .

Cake PHP has it’s own built-in ORM . And in terms of template it uses it’s own file format i.e., (.ctp) in which it uses an alternative PHP syntax to control it’s outputs.

It has security features like encryption , CSRF , authentication , hashing etc . , Although it’s community is not big as Laravel but still there are plenty of events for Cake PHP developers happening all around .


Requirement : : PHP >= 7.4

Installation : composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:~4.0 my_app_name

Website : cakephp.org


CodeIgniter framework focuses on rapid application development just like Cake PHP . CodeIgniter is based on MVC pattern with minimal configuration . CodeIgniter has a very excellent documentation available at https://www.codeigniter.com .

CodeIgniter’s footprint is too small (1.2 Mb download) which means there’s very less bloat helps in fast development .

CodeIgniter doesn’t come with an ORM but it has full-featured and very fast abstracted database class that supports both traditional and query structured pattern . CodeIgniter has a Template class to use as template engine or you can use external template engine or plain PHP.


Requirement : PHP >= 7.4

Installation : composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter your-app-name

website : codeigniter.com

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