Hello Friends , welcome to my article . In this article we will look “what async await in js is ? ” and we will also see some examples of async await in js .

Async Await in js

“Async Await” is simply a syntax in js to work with promises in more comfortable fashion . It is very easy to understand and use .

Start with Async functions

“async” is a keyword in javascript which can be used before a function declaration to declare that function as an async function . It looks like this

async function j() {
  return "hello";

The motive of “async” keyword before a function is it tells the user that the function will return a resolved promise automatically .

Let’s try to test how this “async” keyword is working

async function j() {
  return "hello";

j().then(alert); // hello

Now if you don’t want to use “async” keyword before a function and wants to return a promise , then you can explicitly use “Promise” object .

function j() {
  return Promise.resolve("hello");


So that’s all about “async” , it makes a function return promise when applied before a function’s name .

Await Keyword

The keyword “await” works only inside an async function , it makes javascript wait until promise resolves and returns it’s result .

Let’s talk about the syntax of “await” keyword

let hello = await promise; 

“await” keyword is always used inside an async function . Here’s an example

async function f() {

  let promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    setTimeout(() => resolve("hello world"), 2000)

  let result = await promise; // wait for the promise to resolve

  alert(result); // "hello world"


Here is another example

function greeting() {

  return new Promise(resolve => {
    setTimeout(function() {
      resolve("hi") ;
    }, 2000)


async function getGreeting(){

   var hello = await greeting(); //get greeting after 2 seconds


What if we use await in non-async function ?

if we try to use “await” keyword in non-async function then we will get a syntax error

function greeting(){

   let result = await fetch('/api/fetch/article.json') ; // syntax error
   .then(response => response.json())
   .then(data => console.log(data));


As instructed earlier “await” can only be used inside an “async” defined functions .

I will post more about “async await” in up coming articles . Stay tuned and be happy 🙂

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