Have you thought “Who’s Hacking My Phone”? If yes, then let me show you 3 ways to identify.


With the drastic increase in the usage of internet, Devices like Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, IOT Devices are now prone to lot of online attacks that can result in data theft, remote code execution etc. Therefore, It is very important for us as a user to protect our devices from these attacks. In this article, we are going to focus mainly on “who’s hacking my phone” and we will explore various ways to identify any malicious activity that are probably hacking our phone. First of all, let us understand how android hacking actually happens.

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The most common way a hacker can use to hack into your device is by installing a malicious application. Let’s say there is a person Sam who wants to hack into John’s mobile device. In the initial phase, Sam will try to gather all the possible information about John. After that, let’s say that John’s Netflix account is expired. Then Sam can create a fake application of Netflix and can send this application to John claiming that this app can allow you to watch Netflix movies for free. Once John install that application into his phone then his whole mobile device will be hacked.

Now think for a second, Have you ever install any application similar to this? If yes, then your mobile phone is probably hacked as well. But don’t worry, We will learn some different ways to identify and remove these applications to secure our devices.

You can check out this article to learn more about how someone can hack into your phone in detail. For now, let’s see some of the different methods to identify who’s hacking your phone.

3 Ways to Identify Who’s Hacking My Phone

1. Permissions of Every Application

We need to check each application’s permission and have to analyse what the application is doing with that permission. For example, Let’s say we have a Browser who has permission to access contacts. This is a clear indication that the browser is trying to steal your information. Below is the example of UC Browser(One of the famous browsers 5-6 years ago) trying to steal information of users

who's hacking my phone 1

During installation of any application, make sure to check the permissions that the application is asking for. And always install applications from Play Store or App Store only!

2. Data Usage of Applications

When any application tries to steal your data, they will use a lot of internet. As a result, you will see drastic increase on your internet usage that usual. Check your data usage on your device and see if there is any suspicious application that is using a lot of internet. For example, Suppose you have a notepad like application in your device at it is using like 100 MB of internet data. This is a clear indication that this app is doing something fishy in the background because notepad don’t require any internet access to function.

who's hacking my phone 2

3. Increase in Battery Usage

The last but not the least, You will see an increase in battery usage than usual. This is because the application responsible for hacking your device is constantly running in the background to steal data. Therefore, you should check which application is draining the battery and whether the application can be trusted or not.

who's hacking my phone 3


I hope you all understood some of the common ways to find who’s hacking your phone. Even if you are following all these methods, there is still possibility that hackers can hack into your device. It is simply because there are always latest attacks, viruses are wandering around the internet. Someone has said “You cannot prevent hacking. You can just reduce the risk of getting hacked”. Therefore, we need to stay updated in the cybersecurity world in order to keep our assets safe online.

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